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440/80/28 (16.9-28) CEAT LOADPRO RADIAL TIRE 156A8

149.990 kr.


440/80/28 (16.9-28) CEAT LOADPRO TL 156A8

Loadpro Radial Tyres

Engineered to provide uniform load distribution, the LOADPRO Radial offers extra reinforced sidewalls that impart additional lateral stability to the tyre.

Features & Benefits: 

The LOADPRO Radial is specially designed with a strong bead to ensure better carcass strength and load carrying capacity.

In addition, the steel belted radial construction of the tyre provides                                                                                     added protection, making the tyre long-lasting and durable for                                                                                             agro-industrial use. Recommended for use on Telehandlers


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