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12/4/24 12PR CEAT FARMAX R1 TT

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12/4/24 12PR CEAT FARMAX R1 TT

Farmax R1 – Tractor Tire

Expect better traction and roadability with FARMAX R1 bias tractor tires. The FARMAX R1 tractor tire is also designed to impart enhanced stability, making it quite the smooth operator!

Tough as well, these tractor tires have a reinforced carcass for a longer service life.

CEAT agricultural tractor tires are the gentle giants on your farm, and the                                                                         FARMAX R1 bias agricultural tractor tire is just one of its heroes.

Features & Benefits: FARMAX R1- Bias Tractor Tire

Triple angle lugs help FARMAX R1 farm tractor tires achieve superior                                                                                traction and roadability, while high center lug overlaps and a tie bar improve                                                                    stability. A reinforced carcass ensures the FARMAX R1 tractor tire serves                                                                          you longer.


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Size 12-4-24
Type M+S
Brand CEAT
Make Model Year from Year to